Shantall navy

Acebos children footwear. Shantall model.

Girl shoes for Acebo’s Fall-Winter 2020

Ankle boots/sneakers for girls made with serraje leather and animal print leopardo. Robber sole, with laces and lateral zipper for a perfect adjustment and to make it easier to put them on. Leather pieces, completely lined with leather and a BREATHABLE, ANTIBACTERIAL, CUSHIONING leather inner sole. 

Without a doubt, they are the cutest of the house. In ACEBOS, we want to accompany them in the adventure of their first steps.

We specialize in children footwear, and that is why we manufacture shoes for children, focusing on taking care of their feet. But, of course, we never forget that they want to look really, really good.

We want to be your children’s favorite shoe brand, and of course, your own.

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We want to be your children’s favorite shoe brand, and of course, your own.


In ACEBOS, we take that very much into account, that that is why we design our models thinking about them. Our objective is to offer children footwear with the best materials and a design tailored to the little ones.

We have been taking care of the feet of the smallest members of the house for more than half a century, with the same excitement... the excitement of a child.

There is nothing more natural than a child. They are simple, fun, honest and original.

Over 50 years guarantee our experience in the footwear sector. In the sixties, the adventure of creating quality footwear began, and now in the 21st century, we continue loyal to our beginning:

Creativity and design, with ACEBOS quality.

ACEBOS. Over 60 years of experience in children’s fashion. 100% made in Spain quality.

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